Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today is the Day

I appologize for the recent absence from my blog. I have been very busy preparing to move.

But the day has finally come! We got the keys yesterday and everything is packed. Now comes the hard part...actually moving.

Just looking around the new apartment yesterday got me so excited! It is so much bigger than where we are living right now. I can't wait to get cooking and baking in the new kitchen; New appliances, dishwasher (and I'm not referring to myself), and the space...Oh! the SPACE! That's something I've learned to live without this past year and a half. Not to mention that we no longer have to lug laundry down the street. It's right in the apartment! In the kitchen of all places, but I'm thrilled.

Having not seen the place in a week or so, I had forgotten how bright and lit up with sunlight it is. I walked into the apartment with Ryan yesterday and almost shielded my eyes. It seemed even brighter inside than it was outside.

Yesterday was also the first time that we saw the apartment empty. When we went to look at the apartment before the previous tenants were still living there. We realized how poorly they had utilized their space. Just look at the living room in the picture on the right. They had too many oversized pieces of furniture squished into the space. It just looks silly. But with the right sized pieces the living room is a great room for watching tv, playing games or just relaxing.

(Not to mention my new landlord could take a lesson in apartment photography. These pictures do the place no justice. This hallway is not nearly as narrow as it looks.)
Unfortunately though, this move will mean I won't be here for a few more days. Our internet is not set to be hooked up until Friday. Not that we won't be busy enough with unpacking and getting ourselves set up in the new place. So, I'll leave you all with bad pictures of my great new apartment. Hopefully when I come back I will have great new pictures to share!

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Carnation said...

the place looks nice!